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Why BPO?

Why Companies Outsource?

Business Process Outsourcing has grown dramatically as companies continuously strive to lower their cost structure without interrupting core business capabilities. Vital functions, such as payroll, legal work, benefits administration and accounting were among the first to be outsourced. In the medical sector, many companies now outsource clinical trial and their manufacturing operations. Why is this outsourcing trend continuing?

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When Sales is the Business Process:

Can outsourcing of the sales function work? There are obviously a number of factors that will determine the answer to that for your particular business. However, right now over 11% of Business-to-Business sales are conducted through manufacturer’s agents – a figure that is rising rapidly with a growing acceptance of the outsourcing function. Each industry has a different sales model, but every industry can outsource some or all parts of the sales function and still be very successful.

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