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Why Sagamore?

Integrated Sales Teams, not Lead Generators

Most outsourced telesales organizations limit their activities to lead generation and qualification. Their objective is to toss a ‘lead over the wall,’ and they are paid if that opportunity is ‘approved’ by the vendor. At Sagamore, our sales teams share your goal: to close business. The fundamental difference between these approaches is glaring. When your sales representatives are focused on delivering revenue, it is in their interest to impede the competition, build trust with the prospect, and seek ways to provide your team with a competitive advantage.

Specialized Expertise

Building effective inside sales, territory sales, and channel sales organizations is our core skill set. Our organization and methodology is designed to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy sales teams tailored to our vendor clients’ unique requirements. Partnering with Sagamore provides the necessary market coverage to maintain a leadership position in your field, enabling your organization to focus on developing exceptional products, and freeing your existing sales team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Pay for Performance Model

Unlike firms that promote a ‘leads over the wall’ model, Sagamore provides quota bearing sales teams that consistently produce measurable, incremental revenue growth. In our model, vendors benefit from a lower initial cost structure and Sagamore is measured and rewarded on sales performance.

Seamless Integration

At Sagamore our philosophy is simple: we are an extension of your brand. As such, integrating with your organization is fundamental to our mutual success. Whether operating as an overlay to your existing field sales organization or as an independent entity, Sagamore’s sales programs include technical, operational, and sales management resources responsible for achieving the seamless integration of people, systems and communication.

Sales Driven, Performance Based Culture

At Sagamore, our team is comprised of bright, energetic people who are rewarded for driving incremental revenue for our clients. By aligning compensation with desired outcomes our model fosters competitive sales teams dedicated to the success of your brand.


Experience, infrastructure, and procedure enable Sagamore to hire and deploy specialized sales teams that scale rapidly and economically. Our market focus and methods shorten the ramp-up period, enabling our clients to field an effective team quickly.

Advanced Systems, Business Intelligence

Sagamore’s CRM Systems create a backbone for efficient, effective sales opportunity generation. Our tools provide real-time business intelligence, enabling performance measurement and enhancement as well as accurate revenue forecasting.

Upstream Market Intelligence

Sagamore’s model is tied to the success of our client’s brand. Hence, our mutual success is dependent on the ability to understand client requirements and react to market demands. Sagamore’s team is often the first line of customer contact and will work with your team to relate market opportunities and client concerns. Our Sales methodology provides an adaptable sales presentation that builds competitive barriers-to-entry into every client conversation.

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