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Channel Management

The opportunity to gain leverage from indirect sales channels is a significant attraction to most organizations. Whether your goal is to grow market share, limit financial risks, or expand your reach the right channel program can be integral to your success.

Developing a successful channel program is a resource-intensive endeavor. Many successful companies look to implement channels during periods of growth and find the effort to build a channel to be a diversion from other core activities. Sagamore has unparalleled expertise in both single and multi-tier channel sell-thru models. Our offerings include internal- and territory-based resources that can serve as a turnkey channel team or integrate with an existing channel program.


Sagamore can assist with:

Partner Recruitment

Identifying the right partner mix is a strategic effort that needs to reflect your firm’s overall goals. Will you need partners that simply fulfill orders, or provide clinical support in the OR? Will you be adopting a push or pull channel strategy? These and many other questions need to be explored to identify and target the type of channel approach and resulting partner profiles you will require.

Sagamore’s team can assist you in developing the ideal channel approach and partner profiles for your firm’s unique requirements. Once a profile is formulated, we will work with your team to ensure that partners are recruited to meet your geographic and strategic needs.


Channel Training & Marketing

Sagamore provides online and onsite training programs to assist and incent channel partners to aggressively represent your offerings. We work to provide the necessary sales tools and technical resources your channel partners need to win business for you.



Channel Management

Engaging distributor partners is the beginning of the process, not the end. Creating a channel program that is effective in providing the leverage you desire requires building trust and continuous contact at the ground level. Sagamore’s push-pull channel methodology stresses the constant, open communication necessary to build trust. What’s more, Sagamore’s approach provides the sales, clinical, and contractual support necessary to keep your offerings “first-in-mind” with your distributors’ sales force.

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