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About Us

Sagamore assists medical device, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical equipment and medical technology companies to increase the effectiveness and lower the costs of their sales efforts. Our consultative approach focuses on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our vendors’ field sales organizations, shortening the sales cycle, and accelerating sales growth.

Sagamore does this by providing outsourced sales teams – primarily “inside” sales teams – in conjunction with consulting services that ensure maximum effectiveness of the integrated sales effort. It does this with excellent IT systems and exceptional people who build strong, long-term, service-based relationships with medical professionals in each vendor’s market.

Companies implementing Sagamore’s inside sales model have more than doubled their sales while reducing costs by more than 30%. Our program has enabled our customers to increase their individual field sales representative yield by 2x – 3x at a cost of less than 50% of a FTE.

Focus is the Key

At Sagamore we deliver integrated sales solutions. It’s all we do! As our partner, accelerating your revenue growth is our primary focus. Our 100% commitment to building successful sales organizations allows your firm to benefit from unparalleled expertise, a highly integrated sales effort, and a lower cost of sales.



To provide career and professional development opportunities to our team of exceptional employees who form high performing medical sales teams that accelerate growth, reduce costs, and extend product marketability, enabling our customers to reach more health care providers and help more patients.



At Sagamore, we have built a competitive, performance-based culture that is dedicated to our clients’ brands. For us, it’s not just about reducing costs: we want our clients to benefit through increased performance, profitability and competitiveness. Essential to our success is a partnering model that enables seamless integration with the teams of our clients. Our philosophy is to build lasting business relationships, not to engage in short-term ‘contract’ work. In Sagamore you’re hiring a partner, not just a provider.

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