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Sales Consulting

The Sagamore team has extensive experience in successfully managing both large and small sales organizations for companies of various sizes. This experience includes management of direct sales, channel sales and inside sales people and managers. Our areas of expertise with which we can assist you include the following:

Sales Productivity – Are you getting sales yields across your entire organization necessary for the bottom line? Is the Cost of Sales too high for the Product Gross Margins? Are headcount and staffing levels always an issue? If you are stuck trying to figure out how to sell more with the same or reduced amount of resources, Sagamore can help. We strive to help you achieve maximum sales effectiveness as efficiently as possible.

Organizational Effectiveness – Has your sales organization grown too fast, and organizing for scale is worrying you? Or, perhaps, your company is not growing as fast as the market or as fast as your key competitors? You might need a sales structure alignment check to ensure you are properly addressing the needs of your customers and their changing buying-habits. Sagamore can help you meet all of the customer opportunities at multiple buying levels to grow at the desired pace.

Product-to-Market Considerations – Is your company a) selling beyond the initial trial customers, b) introducing a new product, c) targeting new markets to grow, d) experiencing too many channel conflicts, diluting the sales efforts of both your partners and your people, or e.) dealing with margins too low to support all the levels appropriately? Sagamore can review your go-to-market plan and provide recommendations. We start by examining customer buying trends and habits for your product and/or market, and determine the best available channels to address those needs.

Maximizing the Channel for Maximum Market Share – Do you have too few partners? Or, do you have too many partners not producing enough? Are your channel programs designed to forge partnerships that are sustainable and truly win/win? If you are not achieving the multiplier effect that the channel was supposed to deliver for your company, Sagamore can evaluate your channel strategy and execution against successful companies, highlighting the issues and allowing you to address them with your team.

Strategic Sales Management for High Growth Organizations – Are you faced with sales targets that don’t seem attainable? Perhaps you are not getting a full court effort from all the functions in the company, yet are accountable for the revenue goals? Sagamore can assist you in developing a plan for growth.

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