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Time to Market

Accelerating time to market in an increasingly competitive marketplace is a challenge faced by every medical manufacturer. The first mover advantage is lost, as is the opportunity to be a market leader, if your sales organization cannot provide timely market coverage.


Sagamore’s approach has successfully assisted our vendor partners to outperform the competition through:

  • Rapid deployment –Sagamore can typically have an inside sales team onboarded in less than 30 days
  • Increased Reach – Inside sales and channel sales models act as a “sales force multiplier” that augment field and channel sales enabling more opportunities to be identified and closed
  • Accelerating the Sales Cycle – By transitioning applicable steps of sales cycle to the phone, you can accelerate the sales process while segmenting and optimizing higher cost face-to-face resources
  • Sales Segment Coverage – Employ account or product segmentation strategies to enable an outsourced inside team to provide some or all account management functions, freeing your field team to focus on higher value products and accounts

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Other Challenges:
Gap Coverage
Cost of Sales

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