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Traditionally, medical manufacturers have grown sales by dividing territories and adding field sales FTEs. However, the traditional “divide and conquer” approach faces heightened scrutiny in an environment where SG&A costs are facing increasing pressure. More often, revenue goals must be achieved while simultaneously reducing costs. “Stretching” your sales team will only take you so far. Even in situations where the opportunity allows for field team growth – Is that always the best approach?

Putting your best people in front of qualified prospects is essential to growing sales and market share. Improving field sales efficiency and effectiveness requires more than just increasing activity.

Sagamore can help you overcome this challenge with an inside sales teaming approach that will:

  • Increase the time field sales spends in face-to-face interactions with qualified accounts
  • Accelerate the sales cycle by segmenting and offloading key steps to inside sales
  • Expand sales coverage with more touches to new geographies and specialties

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