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Gap Coverage

Are gaps in coverage resulting in lost revenue and market share? Is your team able to assist all your firm’s target health care providers to improve patient outcomes? Has sales force consolidation left your team with large geographies to cover or do your field reps have “too many” products in their bag? Do you need sales focus on both acute and ambulatory facilities? Will access to certain specialties enable more patients to benefit from your products? Sagamore can assist you in closing the gap with innovative inside sales programs.

Gap coverage includes:

  • Geographic – Cover large territories more thoroughly and efficiently, ensuring your field team is focused on high value, high return prospects
  • Vertical – Increased access to specialists and segmented providers enables a range of possibilities from target market testing to comprehensive vertical market coverage
  • Product – Cost effective coverage for products that are mainstream or approaching the end of their lifecycle as well as focused introduction of new, early-stage, offerings
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