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Cost of Sales

Doing “more with less” used to be the exception, these days it’s the rule. Many organizations aren’t able to tackle new market opportunities because budgets have limited or frozen headcount. More than ever, cost of sales has become a key factor when designing go-to-market strategies.

Sagamore has helped its clients to meet this challenge by devising blended go-to-market approaches that incorporate inside and channel sales models.
These models have enabled our clients to:

  • Lower SG&A costs while simultaneously growing sales faster than the market average
  • Penetrate new markets faster and cost effectively test market to new segments and specialties
  • Cost effectively manage existing accounts freeing their field team to focus on key clients and to ‘hunt’ for top prospects
  • Slow the decline of end-of-lifecycle products that don’t warrant higher cost field team attention

Sagamore can assist you in designing strategies that enable you to optimize your sales efforts maximizing efficiency, effectiveness, and results.

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